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Since people have started to mock my old homepage, I thought I'd design a new one with a few updates.

My name is Lineke, though I am known to most as Lynn. I'm a teacher from Adelaide, Australia. I used to define myself as a Roving Wanderer as I spent 5 years travelling but I'm an old married lady now and have settled down in my hometown for good, it seems.

No real reason why I have a website - not sure why I bother. I am thinking I might use this site to post some more pictures and am currently deciding if I will break my Millenium Eve promise of never polluting the web with mindless blogged thoughts....

My mum always said I shouldn't do things just because everyone else did, but I feel a strange draw to the idea...

Stay tuned. We'll see how long my resolve lasts.

Unmotivated Parrot Picture (tm)


I've started a new project. A reading project. For more details, click below:

Lynn's Sporadic Travel Blog

At this site, you can find recollections of our trip over Dec-Jan 2006-07 to Japan and the east coast of the US. The most recent posts also recollect our Aussie travels here and there in the past year.


Lynn Jackson - greatest hits and memories.

Lynn Jackson - greatest hits and memories.