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I went to Flinders University, graduating in 1997.

For five years, I was a member of the Flinders University Choral Society fulfilling the roles of Fresher Pleb (1994), Co-Fundraising Officer (1995), President of Vice (1996) and President (1997). I also sing occasionally with the Adelaide University Choral Society.


On arrival in London, many years ago now, I joined a theatre group called the Woodhouse Players and somehow got "convinced" into playing the principal boy in their Christmas Pantomime - "Little Red Riding Hood and the Three Little Pigs". I also took a role in their subsequent production "Don't Blame It On The Boots", and directed "The Philanthropist" by Christopher Hampton. I never learned my lesson about panto and played an all-singing, all-dancing handmaiden in the 2000 panto "Aladdin" and the evil fairy, Lexus in the 2001 panto "Sleeping Beauty" which I co-authored with my friends, Derna and Rebecca. Photos of these plays can be found on the website, along with details about any upcoming productions.

In Newport News, Virginia, I taught English and Journalism at Denbigh High School website. The website's not that exciting but has contact information on it and a stunning picture of our mascot, the Denbigh Patriot. I taught two years there and it was an amazing experience, not only because it allowed me to meet my now husband, Ryan, who was also teaching English there!


My parents have an amazing vineyard property in Clarendon, South Australia.
There is a website of pictures here if you're interested.

Clarendon Ridge

This is my old website which was last updated, style-wise, in about 1998.

Check out the 10 year old photos - sigh.

Lynn Jackson - greatest hits and memories.

Lynn Jackson - greatest hits and memories.